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My name is Drew, and I am a 25 year old bohemian pagan hailing from Alaska. I am a former Christian Methodist who went home to paganism when I was 22. I try to shrug off the little stuff and not worry too much; if problems don’t bother you, can they be truthfully be called problems? If the problem is beyond my sphere of influence or no harm is being done, I do my best not to freak out in either direction. I call it “The Power of Shrug”.

I have great pride for my Norse ancestors, and respect the gods they worshiped as friends and allies.

I initially worshiped Lilith, who first spoke to me when I was a child. She’d been my protector, my guide, and my teacher, but the ‘relationship’ did not work out due to failings on both sides. But through her, I’d seen for the first time with my eyes open: I found an ancient world where the old laws still hold sway, where animals and stones have names and voices like humans, a world of mutual respect between humans and nature, where you must give to get. It’s a beautiful world, but also a dangerous one.

I also pay worship to the Great Goddess, who I equate with Yggdrasil from Norse lore, and who begins and sustains all Earthly life, and am thus teaching myself to respect the Earth which She embodies. The path of the gods is the one I tread, and I serve the Goddess, and the gods of Asgard who care for and protect the World Tree, in as equal measures as I can manage.

I am someone who has been saved and irrevocably changed by my faith, and it defines much of what I do, from my morals and values to the themes and style of my poetry.

I suppose my take-away message is that I am proud to be pagan, even if there is no real name for my specifics beliefs. I am proud of the gods I have met and had the privilege to learn from. I have heard stories of heroes and triumph, songs of love and survival, and epics of creation and protection. The gods have protected me without sheltering me, and have encouraged me to explore, and in so doing grow in my knowledge of the world.

This blog will revolve around that partnership, where I will share my experiences and musings concerning all things divine. There will also be factual articles that I have thoroughly researched, though it probably would do better to consider this blog as a guide, rather than a teacher, given how much of my own personal opinion I will inject. It’s sure to disagree with some established truths, and it will fall to you to choose which you would rather consider the truth.

Like many pagans, I am ambivalent about Christianity, though I have no problems with Christ himself. If you’re quoting Bible verse at me, you’ll do better to quote Gospel than anything else.

“May your dreams guide you well… and teach you even better.”


One thought on “About the Author

  1. I found your blog while searching to learn more about freya and I just wanted to tell you that I am enchanted by your raw honesty and grateful for the messages you’ve provided. I’ve been looked by for something for a long time, an emptiness that I’m driven to resolve, and reading your posts, it occurs to me that I have been looking in the wrong places.

    So thank you for sharing. I needed to hear what you needed to say.


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