No. Just… no.



Just… NO.

Odin cares about kids in his own way, but it’s definitely not in the “gentle father” type.

Think more Ra’as Al Ghul kicking a battered, burned out, and winded Bruce Wayne who can barely stand, screaming “DEATH DOES NOT WAIT FOR YOU TO BE READY! DEATH IS NOT CONSIDERATE OR FAIR!”

Odin doesn’t want “wretched survivalists”, he wants the very best for his army so he can win the field at Ragnarok.

Odin has no use for a scared kid who can’t hold a sword. Just… GRRRRRRRR.

Odin isn’t Jesus the Redeemer.

Odin is a tricky, hard-edged, mission-first god of blood, death, and winning wars, and occasionally he’s a god of wisdom when he isn’t engaged in the first three. He’s not here to babysit children. He’s here to lead men and gods.

I used to want to believe he’d consider my personal struggles a battle too, but no, he really does not give a single shit about that stuff. He doesn’t care about a soldier, he cares about the war, and therefore the army.

And things get so much easier when you finally realize that Odin is not a deity to turn to for compassion — we have Frigga and Freyja for that. Even Loki has more compassion, even if only for the spurned and outcasts among us.

There are gods who would do this sort of thing; Odin is nowhere CLOSE to being among them. He may be the All-Father, but he’s the harshest father you’re ever gonna meet.

End rant.


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