Back from a lengthy hiatus/The Great and Bountiful Relaunch!

Seriously, if we discount the entry where I announced I wasn’t closing the blog, then this is the lengthiest hiatus I’ve ever taken.

Glad it’s over then.

Back to work.

I want to take this opportunity to relaunch with a new name and focus on being less personal and being more of a useful resource for people who may be new to the pagan path.

So, welcome to The Ithildin Goddess, a site for one and all. And yes, you can also find me on Tumblr.

The focus will be reshifted back to an emphasis on the Norse deities, although it will be impossible to ignore Lilith as She is so central to my life. However, unless I specifically cite a source on Lilith, one should simply accept it as an Unverified Personal Gnosis, or UPG. Anything I being up about the Norse gods will be rooted in my readings of Eddas and Sagas, with additional references as appropriate.

This is not meant to be a scholarly website, but more a laypersons sort of guide by the people for the people.

Again, welcome to The Ithildin Goddess, and enjoy your visit.


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