Indefinite Hiatus

I will be effectively shutting this blog down by doing so, but I have seemingly run out of things to say here, and as a result will be putting this blog on indefinite hiatus.

This doesn’t have to mean forever — I will obviously return to write something if I have a sudden epiphany that I feel might be helpful to an audience. However, I must consider that by and large, this blog doesn’t really have that many readers and even so, the entries I used to love doing have started to feel like work. Furthermore, most of my spiritual experiences in the span of this year are of the deeply personal sort that I don’t wish to share with strangers on the internet.

If I have something worth sharing, I will return to share it, but as I’ve no idea when that might be, I think that suits the very¬†meaning of “indefinite”.

It’s been a fun several years, and hopefully inspiration will strike sooner rather than later as I really miss the old days of this site.


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