She doesn’t care about them

This is going to be something of a short blog entry because I am typing it out on an 8 inch tablet but…

It’s a very freeing notion to finally understand how very little Lilith actually cares for those outside her family. She neither loves or hates Christians, Muslims, Hindus, etc. She really just couldn’t care less about them. She has a supreme indifference towards those whom she does not consider her children.

Unless they move to actively insult her in a very personal manner, she just. doesn’t. care.

She can’t be bothered to.

It’s something I strive to emulate in this age of constant offense and walking on eggshells to avoid offending the sensitivities of others. I often fail, but that’s no reason to stop trying.

Be more like Lilith: look out for you and yours, and fuck what everyone else thinks unless they go out of THEIR way to make it YOUR problem what they think.


3 thoughts on “She doesn’t care about them

  1. And, inversely, She cares VERY much for those that She considers Her family, and even those that She’s just working with. I’m just being mentored by Her, literally once a week, but the attention, kindness, and detail She’s given me really makes me understand that She takes every single encounter seriously, and that She expects me to know that She is choosy with people She accepts and keeps close for a reason. She takes encounters with Her family seriously by devoting Herself fully to them, and She takes encounters with not-Her-family seriously by being TOTALLY indifferent.

    I really love Her. She’s wonderful. Absolutely wonderful. And this is a GREAT lesson.

    • Can I just say it is WONDERFUL to finally get a comment from someone who knows her like I do? She always told me in dreams that others were out there, but I’d kind of started just viewing it as a ‘usual platitude’.

      I’ve found that She’s exceedingly difficult to read or understand, though for very brief moments, it can be done. She can seem cold and distant, but She grows upset if I misinterpret that and I try to give her space. Sometimes She can be very touchy-feely and involved, and very vocal, only to not show up at all or even leave any sort of communication for months. Just long enough to cause me to worry if She will be coming back.

      Through it all, I love Her dearly; probably more than I’ve ever loved anyone. I love it when She acknowledges me as one of Her children, and it fills me with good-natured pride to carry that identity, and being embraced by Her in my dreams us the best feeling I’ve ever known. It just sort of completes me somehow.

      She IS wonderful.

      • There are definitely other people out there who are devotees of Lilith and who, like you, are definitely esteemed members of Her family! Although I also do very much understand what you mean – I feel the same way very often with Cernunnos!

        From the little that I’ve experienced with Her, I can definitely agree that She is very difficult to read. With me, in fact, She doesn’t show Herself to me; I only hear Her voice and feel the way that She engages with me (although, when She said hello, She let me see Her – She’s so, so, so stunning). It really does feel like I have a teacher or a mentor – a very stern and efficient one, but the kind of no-BS mentor that welcomes every single question and understanding and makes sure you know the lesson before you leave. And with a strangely refreshing maternal way of being. (I initially thought She was out to literally break my heart for several reasons, but She assured me that this was certainly not the case). And I was actually surprised to read how you described that She is with you; I know that the gods are different with everybody, but most of the people I’ve read about that are devotees of Lilith write about how deeply involved She is in people’s lives, permeating their every moment. But of course that’s not to say that it happens to you in a different way! She is an intense Woman and, truly, it is my honor to be able to be under Her care at this point in time. I’ve always admired Her greatly, but I never thought I had something to give or offer a Woman like Her until She herself stepped in.

        Anyways, I really got all warm and happy when I read your last paragraph particularly in your comment! I think that is such an incredible feeling, and certainly very telling. And I feel for a fact that Lilith truly does take care of Her own. :) I feel very pleased to feel that warmth and pride from you!! Take care of yourself, and may you always be happy with each other. <3

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