A friendly warning

If anybody has ever done work with Spirit Boards, do you ever find yourself speaking to something that was not as it initially seemed?

For a year or so, I’ve been doing research into a malevolent and manipulative spirit that only identifies itself as ZOZO, and it’s almost the textbook warning of why people shouldn’t meddle in things they aren’t ready for. From what I can tell, ZOZO insinuates itself into the spirit board session by masquerading as something more benevolent– by the time you realize you are dealing with ZOZO, it’s already inside your home. There’s a lot of tales that suggest it can read your memories through the board as you try to communicate, or at least it is highly intelligent, very clever, and an expert at cold-reading you. Either way, the knowledge it gains about you is instrumental in gaining your trust, and through that, access to your home, at which point it reveals itself and revels in the fact that it played you like a fiddle.

Once it is in your home, it seems to delight in the stark raving madness brand of possessions, and will sometimes seek to do direct physical harm on the occupants of the home (scratches, trying to push people down stairwells, etc.). I’ve not discerned any motive in such harmful acts. It may simply be a sadist that derives pleasure from inflicting suffering. And once it’s in, it is exceedingly hard to get it out again.

Most professional exorcists who I have read who dealt with this thing simply advise leaving the home as quickly as possible and never returning for any reason whatsoever– apparently this demon digs in like a tick, and will even try to get the former occupants of a home to return, presumably for another round of torments.

Even the name has a primal and macabre energy to it. I’ve never met this spirit (and I pray I never will), but watching video of sessions where it appears, there is an almost audible voice in the back of my mind when it speaks through the board. I still refuse to speak the name out loud because of that faint voice in my mind.

It is incredibly powerful to manage leaving an imprint like that on video, and definitely not something to be trifled with.

Not really going anywhere with this other than to say that if you are doing any sort of spellwork or divination and something feels “off”, it’s probably best to drop it immediately and try again later. Your gut instinct is often your last and best line of defense against this sort of thing. Always take appropriate measures to keep unwanted guests out, and there’s never any shame in backing out because you’re just not sure this time.

Magic is like sex: there’s a safe way, a not safe way that has the potential to invite horrible things into your life, and abstinence remains a perfectly good defense.

In the eternal words of Q on Star Trek: DON’T TOUCH WHAT YOU DON’T UNDERSTAND.

Gods be with you.

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