A greater glory


Allmother Frigg on high, I really don’t understand why the Norse Pagan path found itself such a den of White Supremacists and anti-Semitic and anti-Christian asshats.

I will never revoke the (admittedly complicated and often hard to explain) path that I walk, regardless of the myriad undesirables I meet along it, but these people give the Northern faith a TERRIBLE name and reputation, and they seek to draw others into that action as well.

How can we lay claim to being a civilized faith in the modern world if our most vocal members spew just as much, if not more, irrational fear and hatred as those who oppose us? Doesn’t that sink us to their level? Why would anyone embrace the path of the Aesir and Vanir then, if all they see is bitterness towards ancient “enemies” and those who are unlike us?

Why should anyone become that which we struggle to be better than?

Lift up those who do you no dishonor– you will need them standing shoulder to shoulder and shield to shield with you on the eventual day when the Gjallahorn bellows. Cultivate allies and comrades, not enemies who would be glad to be rid of you.

And if any of you find someone who rails in hatred and dishonor against those who are weaker or different, let Frigg’s patience guide you instead of Odin’s wrath. Oppose their hatred gently but firmly, and if they should remain resolute in their honorless ways, cut them loose, and let the Norns care for their fate.

We do not carry swords and shields because we are defenseless, but because others are. We will stand against their enemies, and we will fight for those too scared and weak to fight for themselves.

We can be pitiless raiders to whom might makes right, or we can be honorable Thanes, and make our strength stand for a godly glory greater than our own.

Anything less, and we are a waste of the clay the gods shaped our ancestors from.


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