Artistic license?

Today’s blog is a question.

What degree of artistic license do you personally view as acceptable when making a film, tv show, comic book, or video game based off Norse history or lore?

For instance, the film Pathfinder pretty much is a whole bunch of seriously dated Viking cliches played grimly straight (HORNED AND SPIKED ARMOR GUYS) and makes zero attempt to resemble history, even as it is opened in a way that professes to be a “lost history”.

Another example, Viking: Battle for Asgard, starts REASONABLY close to Norse myth, but by the end of the game, SPOILER ALERT, turns out that as bad as Hel is portrayed, Freya is even worse, and all the gods are pretty much equal dicks, causing the player character to go on a Kratos-ian rampage and begin Ragnarok.

And then there’s Marvel Comics, which keeps to its own class of awesome.

But how much artistic license are you willing to put up with before you throw your hands up and go ” That’s it. This is terrible.”?

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