Not using magic

Raise your hand (so to speak) if magic is either not desired in your spiritual life, or just something you avoid because you’re terrible at getting results that benefit ANYONE.

Yes to both in my case.

There have been times where I have considered trying magic again, but there’s a nagging feeling that it’s not something I am meant to do, and that bad things will happen if I did. So I avoid it. I politely refuse it, but I am concerned because there’s a very low key sense of peer pressure I have observed in the neopagan community at large that wants everyone to practice some form of it.

Bad vibes aside, there’s nothing in my life that magic can or would do for me or others that I don’t have more reliable means of accomplishing, so why bother?

I don’t want to come across as sounding like I’m anti-magic, though. If it works for you, and helps you to put goodness back in the world, more power to you, I suppose.

But then there are people like me, who… honestly shouldn’t be trusted with magic, regardless of our intent.

As the pithy saying goes, “Last night I played Poker with Tarot cards, and five people died.”

I’m pretty sure that’d be my case with almost any magic– it’s a terrible feeling in my bones.

I hate that feeling, but there it is.

Anyone else not involve magic in their lives for any reason?

One thought on “Not using magic

  1. I’m totally the opposite of you but it was interesting to read this point of view. I think peer-pressuring you is silly tho, not everybody has to practice magic, only if it works for them.

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