Northern Ireland Certifies Its First Pagan Priest Since Time of St. Patrick

He’s brave, and hopefully not the last to be so undeterred. This can be an engine for real change and reformation if he keeps at it.

Christians have a saying that “Faith cannot be unless it is tested”, and his presence and official recognition fits a definition of theirs being tested, whether or not that is his intention.

Abrahamic faiths are used to being the top dog where they have a presence. I don’t think paganism will unseat that in Ireland or anywhere else anytime soon, but then again, neither is that the goal of paganism.

It’s sort of the Linux to the Abrahamic faiths’ Windows– it exists to be a viable option for those that choose it who are unsatisfied with their current path, and for many who choose it entirely by themselves and give it a little time, it proves to be a superior choice.

But now we also have our very own “Saint Patrick” in neopagan circles. Ain’t life a peach?

Metal Gaia


(Patrick Carberry: Source: Belfast Media Group)

I truly believe the Gods have a since of humor. For the first time in centuries, Northern Ireland has allowed Patrick Carberry, a shamanic healer and a pagan priest to be certified by authorities. It was a man by the name of “Patrick” who was famous for bringing Ireland under the Christian fold (even though there were Christian missionaries in Ireland before St. Patrick) and now it is another “Patrick” who is paving the way for the ancient religion to reclaim official recognition. Ironic? Is it not?

Patrick Carberry, who is based in Glengormley, applied to Stormont five months ago to be certified as a holy man. Officials have finally got back to him with the news that he can now carry out religious ceremonies for people who follow Irish pre-Christian religions.

Patrick has been attacked in the past for his beliefs. It is his hope that…

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