This has been a quiet year

I mean, thus far. Things can always change.

But this has been an exceedingly quiet year for me. Normally, I’ve stumbled onto SOMETHING worth writing a blog about by this point. But this time?

Nope. Nothing.

No great revelations, no mystical ponderings, or conversations with my goddess.

“Four o’clock and all’s well”, as the saying might go.

But All’s Well also means boring and dull.

I’ve been reading the Norse Eddas again, trying to keep my studies up, but it’s majorly difficult without a study group, and in a comparatively tiny place like Anchorage, Alaska, that’s not likely to happen. I’m kind of up the creek and without a paddle, but the water is smooth at least.

Still, like any sailor, I hate being becalmed.

Wish I had more to contribute right now, but I don’t.

Gods being kind (as we always pray they are), I’ll have some new flash of insight soon that will make me take to writing again.


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