Ending spiritual tribalism

Sometimes, no matter what path we choose spiritually, it’s hard to stay the course. There will always be lore or fables meant to show other roads more favorably than your own.

There will always be others accusing your gods or goddesses as evildoers and demons.

My most important goddess, Lilith, who I call my Mother, is a frequent target for bashing by other faiths through history.

They say she works evil, and that I have been “seduced” down a path of ruin. But I have just as much cause and evidence to claim the same of anyone else. Goodness and evil are subjective to any who wish it to be.

But I don’t fling accusations. My path is true for me, their path is true for them.

My goal is to better myself, serve my goddess, and stay out of society’s way.

Lilith told me once that “to pick a side is choice, to hold that side despite a lack of affirmative proof is faith, and to hold that faith even when another (equally or more attractive) path comes your way is loyalty.”

And I am loyal, even when I suffer for it. I will continue to lift my gods with praise and fables, and yet do not seek to tear others down. My gods, misunderstood as they frequently are, are not the villains that they often are cast as. They are good, wise, and nurturing beings. I am certain that this is true of most people’s deities. But your gods are not mine. Your truth is subjective — most definitely true for you, and often those close to you, but not me. My truth is true for me, but not you.

Accept this, and know that it doesn’t mean the beginnings of hatred or discord, nor does it have to.

We need to work to end spiritual tribalism. No matter the name of the concept, be it “crusade” or “jihad” or something else, once you understand that human POTENTIAL is essentially good, we can work together, regardless of faith or loyalty, to raise every soul without having to tear anyone down.

I want to work across spiritual lines to make everyone’s human experience better, and to stop interfaith violence and persecution.

Join me?


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