Godspawn and fleshbags

First off, I hope you had a happy first few days of Yule (or Christmas, for the Christians who read my blog—you know who you are).

I’m just going to jump into the topics for this: the Godspawn and Fleshbags.

If you’re wondering about what Godspawn are, I suggest a remedial reading class, because it’s exactly what it says on the tin: the spawn of the gods, mortal or otherwise.

Now, in a very broad sense, we are all children of the gods—depending on your beliefs, they either had a heavy hand in our initial development as a species or out and out crafted us from the materials this world had to offer. However, that’s not what I’m talking about. I’m referring to the direct children of the gods; for instance, Lilith is my Mother, and others are either born to one deity (as I was) or even two—and some have the luck to be adopted by a divine patron or matron. This isn’t a matter of “ooh, we’re Godspawn and that makes us special!” This is a matter of that those of us who have a direct parental link with a god or goddess have a different way of interacting with said parent.

I have a very close, very physical and intimate way of interacting with Lilith. I guess I could jokingly refer to it as a “candles and wine” manner of interacting, but a joke would be all that could be. There’s no real sexual component to speak of. What there is a lot of however, is touching, holding, caressing, and nuzzling—and I tend to do this in a very cat-like way. If you’ve ever been cuddled by a kitten, you know what I am talking about. Eventually, things settle down, and I come to a rest while we are in a mutual embrace. And then I stay there. For quite a while. And there is hugely palpable two way transfer of energy that kicks in well before I fall asleep; she draws one kind of energy from me and in return supplies me with another kind that I have more use for in a very symbiotic nightly cycle, and that is what recharges me so I can face the next day. Through this, I have not only an opportunity to commune with my Mother, but an opportunity to recharge so I can face the next day, and know her as I know myself, if only briefly.

Now, this might happen with a more casual devotee of a given deity, but in my experience, it requires set-up: the right rituals, the right prayers, the right offerings and intent, so on and so forth. My experience (and solely with Lilith mind you—even bonding with Freya requires a measure of work from me) is far more natural, like this is just a natural function of my combined body and soul that is supposed to happen like this.

And last night, I came to realize what that energy transfer was. I, Lilith’s child, am nursing at my Mother’s proverbial breast. That is why it feels so natural, and why it’s something I deep down feel I ought to do: because it is! There doesn’t need to be a ritual to set this up, or a prayer. All it takes is a tiny reaching out, and then letting my personal nature follow its own course. I suspect, but cannot prove with the evidence on hand, that this process of a natural connection and link Godspawn have with their divine parentage occurs in people other than me, and as always, I encourage people to write their own experiences in response.

Those who are somehow kin to the gods are different from those who are not. This isn’t a subjective statement or a value judgment, it’s a simple statement of what is and what is not. The thing is, this does in fact  make us special, but it’s hardly meaningful. Whether we are sons and daughters of mighty or minor deities, a deity cast down into human form to learn something valuable or accomplish something by mortal means, or just a regular Joe the Plumber who works 9-5 and has no particular spiritual leanings or above average cosmic importance, one thing unites us: we are all, for the moment, stuck in these silly little fleshbags we call “the Human Body”. We are all, for the time being, Human, regardless of whoever or whatever else we might be on another plane of existence.

Everything we learn spiritually in this life may or may not be useful immediately, but it’s essential in the greater scheme of things. Humans actually suck  at playing long games with distant goals. Some people wait 20 years to carefully arrange the pieces on the board of their lives with all the subtlety and quiet precision and adaptability of a Chess Grandmaster. The gods do the same thing, but peg a few more zeroes on the end of that 20. It therefore behooves us to practice a certain sense of humble self-discovery.

Whether or not we are served in this life by the things we discover of ourselves (for instance, learning that one is Godspawn) is irrelevant and inconsequential to the actual future weight of that discovery in the cycles of life following this one. Contrary to popular belief, our current life is NOT the most important thing we will achieve or endure. We are in this current life to learn, discover, and take steps to better ourselves as individuals so that we may graduate to the next, more advanced, cycle that comes after.

To quote Ghandi (well, the original author is disputed, actually), “Whatever you do is insignificant, but it’s very important that you do it.”

And to quote, and then alter, the movie Gladiator, “What we learn in this life echoes in eternity.”

Our actions in this run of our cycles of reincarnation are not as important as what our actions and discoveries enable for us later, and be we Godspawn or Fleshbag, we are all united in our current Human identity, form, and quest of spiritual self-discovery and betterment; and I have a feeling that those who reject this in favor of selfish pursuits condemn themselves to a downright Sisyphean Hell in which they reincarnate over and over until they finally get things right—after all, Destiny will never stand to be ignored for long.

Happy Yule, Happy New Year, and Gods Bless.


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