Something big is coming!

Well, I had an argument with a random stranger on the internet.

This by itself is not shocking, but what it brought to light was myriad thoughts and feelings I have on the nature and value of faith, religion, individual spirituality. In addition, it helped me recall how my relationship with Lilith taught me all these things.

I decided it would be best to ruminate further on these thoughts and internal arguments, and I will be writing them down as a sort of mini-memoir, which, once completed, I will be publishing to this blog in several installments.

As a result, this blog is likely to go quiet for several weeks as I get things written down (or get bored and abandon the memoir and go back to posting my usual drivel here) and edited.

Hopefully, I will be able to have something very beautiful to help bring in the New Year for you lovely followers who read my blog here, or more accurately, put up with my clogging your WordPress reader. Which is probably how a few of you regard it. If I had a nickel for every blog I followed and didn’t read… I wouldn’t need a nickel for every blog I followed and didn’t read. :|

In these posts, you will probably learn a fair bit about my life, how it has shaped and been shaped by my faith, and that spiritual transformation is NOT a monotheist monopoly (sorry monotheists). And you’ll probably learn what I think of atheism (those poor people… OOPS DID I JUST SAY THAT ON THE INTERNET?).

Posting won’t completely STOP until this is done, but my priorities will be admittedly elsewhere.

So, have a Happy Thanksgiving (for those of you in America) and may those who live elsewhere have an equally blessed time of it.

Disclaimer: I respect the right of atheists to choose atheism. Furthermore, I will fight to the death to protect their right to choose it. Even if I do think it’s stupid, limiting, smacks heavily of human egotism, and encourages passive aggressiveness towards those who are not atheist. I won’t tell you what to believe as long as you are equally civil. There. I said it.

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