Dark does not mean Evil

How difficult was it to shed the notion that “dark” equated with “evil”? Have you even shed that notion yet?

I came from a very Christian background (my regulars know this and probably wish to high heavens that I’d stop bringing it up), and my worship of Lilith the Goddess was vastly restricted at first as I struggled with accounts of Lilith the Devil. It took me ages to lose my fear and uncertainty of “embracing the darkness” to use a cliché term.

Even though I now recognize her as a goddess and loving mother instead of a devilish figure, she has lost no harshness, and her darkness forces changes in me. But often these changes are for the better, much as a snake must endure pain and discomfort as it sheds its skin to be renewed.

I have just finished a very trying two year period that has been one of great change, and Lilith was the goddess who presided over these changes. She forced me to stay the course, even when it was at its most unpleasant, but also offered kindness and comfort at the moments where I might have been otherwise completely overwhelmed by the incredible changes before me.

Goddesses of the Darkness are not evil; they are kind and loving, but never coddling. Warm, but cold and calculating enough to demand us to stay the course when it will ultimately make us stronger.

Had I believed my early urge to flee, had I not stayed the course as she demanded, I might still believe that dark means evil.

There’s a whole bunch I could probably say about the Dark, and the Dark Goddesses within. How we must gaze long, and focus hard, to stop seeing scary shadows and instead see truth. How the Dark is everything we don’t fully understand even when we delude ourselves into thinking that we do. Within the dark is mystery, uncertainty, doubt, and fear. But just as much, we also find a call to bravery, and a deep and longing need to confront our fear of the dark and grow up into adults,  which our childish fear of the darkness does its utmost to prevent, never once considering that avoidance is to our personal detriment.

So… are you afraid of the Dark?

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