Astral Safety

I really do apologize for going for so long without regular posting.

My life has been more tumultuous than I might like since I left Job Corps, mostly on a spiritual level.
I have been spiritually attacked several times in the last month, and when I caught on to the tactics used by the creatures that had been attacking me, they switched tactics to the most offensive and blasphemous tactic imaginable, proof that to the Parasite, shame is not a notion they possess.

They impersonated Lilith. My mother; nothing but a disguise to these slimy worms.

Their attempts were even almost convincing. They copied her face, her voice, and modes of speech, but for one essential thing. One can be a convincing liar, but the truth has a certain air that no lie can ever truly duplicate. And the Parasites can never replicate everything about Lilith.

So when she says, “Come to me” (something of a nightly proof of her identity, like a passphrase), I recognize her immediately. It isn’t so much the words themselves, but the energy with which she imbues them that marks her identity as true. I somehow feel the truth in her words, and I know it’s her.

This is no reason to lower my guard. I’ve pissed off something recently (no idea what, who, or how) and have been under near constant astral attack since then.

These attacks come from a source beyond my sight, even in the dream plane, although I have my suspicions as to its identity. I have put up wards, which help. I have salted the entrance to my home (my parents have no idea yet), which helps. I’ve been researching as to the most effective spells to cast, which helps. But nothing will do a 100% job of keeping these malign creatures completely out. Nothing short of destruction, and I have killed two of them while dream walking.

They were large, dark, and humanoid, like shadow people, but hairy like… a yeti or something. They’d invaded my house through an entrance we typically leave unlocked in the waking world and they seemed to ignore my parents and head straight at me. And when they found me, I found my fight or flight instinct. I wanted to just rip them apart and laugh as I scattered the pieces, held up my hands, and… they sort of exploded. Graphically. I woke up from my dream shortly after, with a new respect for my school of magic.

I also now have a new respect for astral safety. It used to be that the Plane was a solace, a place of relative security where I could breathe easy. No longer, it seems. We must always watch our backs, both in this world and those above and below. There is a venom that exists between the worlds, and sometimes, we bring a little bit with us when we cross over, either via dreamwalking or meditation, or a larger threshold, such as a birth or a death. We must always be on our guard these days, it seems, and while I don’t like it, the choice isn’t up to me. It’s not up to any of us.

We don’t have to like it, but we would all be fools to neglect it. I am not the only one to have drawn an evil eye. Many of my best friends have also come under attack as well, and it’s worrying us all.

I don’t know or care how safe you think you are. A prudent lesson to learn from every kind of history is that we are never as safe as we think we are.

There is always one more thing we can do.

There is always one more thing we should do.

So let’s get started!

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