The big three

There are three sayings that occur a LOT in my sessions with Lilith.

These sayings are simple, powerful, and have redefined my spiritual outlook.

“Human Terms.” or, “You miss the point, child, because you are still approaching the problem from a mortal viewpoint. Stop that!”

“Would it matter either way?” This one is probably her biggest. Whenever I ask  her something that I think carries significance that she doesn’t agree it does, she says that. When I ask her if I’m demonic because of her as my mother, this is her response. When I asked her if I was even otherkin, this was her response. When I ask whether death means an eternity at her side, or as part of her, this is her response. Usually, when she responds with this question, it’s her way of saying that the significance I ascribe to my own inquiry is actually minimal, if it’s present at all.

“Do you trust me now?” is her test question, usually asked after she changes shape suddenly into something terrifying to look at. But her aura is still warm, still motherly. She can change her appearance, but not her feel. The answer is always “Yes.” I do trust her now. I trust her still. I trust her more now than I have in a long time.

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