Just a question.

For those who consort with Lilith, how do you usually see her? In my dreams, she always appears pale and raven haired, with a thin, almost completely sheer, gown the color of moonlight, and eyes like stars. Bare feet and bracelets and anklets are also a constant. She’s never appeared in the pop culture ideal of a vampire of succubus in my dreams, and sometimes it leaves me puzzled as to why she always is portrayed as such in media.


2 thoughts on “Just a question.

  1. pop culture status quo driven by domatic religous brainwashing. Its a perpetual evolution of demonizing her from centuries of being persecuted by religion. Its easier for them to keep Lilith as a dark demoness then to recognize her as Goddess.

    • I understand completely what you’re saying, but it goes even further than that– Lilith began being persecuted by the patriarchy far sooner than most think, and she went from being a noble handmaiden of Innanna to a terrifying demonness who murders/steals children, the mother of all vampires/monsters a la Echidna, and this began almost as soon as men grabbed exclusive political power for themselves. Innanna, Lilith, and the other goddesses were diminished, bit by bit, until they were so insignificant that Lilith could be violently cast down, and Innanna began to metamorphose into the being Babylon would call “Ishtar”– fundamentally similar in role but with much more bitterness and rage in her heart. And Lilith would take even longer to reclaim her divinity. But it’s finally happening!

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