This is so much bigger than I thought

So I was reviewing some viewing summaries on my dash recently, and I have most of my viewers in the United States, Scotland (with the rest of the UK no doubt stapled to the Scots– GO SCOTLAND), and Canada; pretty much in that order too. Russia is a bit of a fourth place entry, but I’ve also had 1 or 2 views each from many other countries.

Admittedly, most of those were probably accidental, or search spiders, or something else, but when you get as many hits as I do from even my top 4, you’re confronted with the fact that your words are really sort of international, and I’ve never really bothered to think about that very much until now. And that’s what’s great about the internet: it allows for quick and easy delivery of ideas and information to almost everybody. Through the internet, humanity stands its best ever chance of becoming one nation: a Human Nation.

Oh, there will still be fights and disagreements. Bad people will still exist, and good people will move to stop them, but we stand at a moment unparalleled– the moment where for the first time, national boundaries and borders are more inconsequential than they have ever been. I have people in Russia reading my blog.


 I don’t know how well they can read it in Russia (I’m going to assume your English is awesome, Russian readers, rather than guess that you’re just staring blankly in confusion at a screen with funny letters on it with no real grasp of my language, because assuming you have crazy amazing English skills is mutually ego-stroking for both of us), but hey, someone over there is reading my website. Hope you’ve enjoyed it so far; I’d give you a by-name shout out, but I don’t know your names so that wouldn’t really work. So here’s to you people over in Russia, reading my blog!

And again, I’ve got Scots reading this. How fucking brilliant is that?!

And you Canadians! Damn! You guys have one of the coolest towns on the planet (Montreal or Toronto, depending on which gives you a bigger morale boost). And really, you’re like a bigger version of Alaska, only half the people also speak French, which is very sexy for us Americans (well, classy Americans anyway).

My point is, this began as just a little private corner of the net for me to sort of think to myself. Before I even really knew it though, I had an audience, and it’s bigger than I could have ever dreamed of. I never thought I’d have people in Scotland, or Russia, or Canada, or Costa Rica, or Venezuala Australia France Spain Germany Brazil etc etc etc reading my piddling little thoughts and lectures to nobody in particular. The internet enabled this. It enabled me to reach all of you guys and gals.

We have made a bigger nation than any of our own.

And in the process, I’ve been able to meet so many fantastic and amazing people.

From the bottom of my heart, I thank you for this wonderful opportunity. I remember the internet as a new thing, barely in it’s infancy.

So I really do appreciate how it, and by direct connection, the world, has come.

It really is amazing.

Thanks for the ride so far, and may the best be yet to come.



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