New name, same bloke

I really wanted a name that 1) connected me with my beliefs even more, and 2) sounded cool and manly. Because honestly, a name that met those criteria isn’t hard in my faith.

I settled, after a short debate, with Arnþórr Ørnström. (That’s “Arn-Thor” in the English pronunciation). The given name of Arnþórr was chosen for it’s old Norse roots, and it’s relative similarity with my actual given name (which is Andrew, btw. Pleased to meet you.). Apparently, and only after deciding I already liked it and delved a little more into the meaning and etymology, roughly breaks down as either “Thor’s Bird”, or, more correctly, “Thunder Bird”, which is an animal in local folklore (which is also awesomely classified as a cryptid and may or may not exist or have existed at some point). The Surname really is just the place I hail from, “Eagle River”, simply substituting “ström” (“swiftly-flowing water”) for the more straight and narrow “flod” (“River”), purely for decorative effect. Fortunately, and this is purely a side note slash data point, Eagle River no kidding has some horrific rapids, and I in no way suggest you ever attempt to raft it– a lot more than a few adventurers and thrill seekers have gone under to meet Hel that way.

Anyway, the name is pretty apt. It’s where I’m from.

Same guy, just trying on a new name in the hopes that it fits a little better.

Don’t blame me, I’m young. young people do that.

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