Not all gods are great

“Militants dressed in military uniforms, backed by armored personnel carriers and shouting “GOD IS GREAT” attacked Gamboru Ngala, Nigeria Monday afternoon, firing rocket propelled grenades and tossing improvised bombs into a crowded outdoor marketplace, witnesses told CNN Wednesday.

They then set fire to buildings where people had tried to take shelter from the violence, witnesses said.

The fighters also attacked the police station during the 12-hour assault, initially fascing stiff resistance. They eventually used explosives to blow the roof off the building, witnesses said. Fourteen police officers were found dead inside, they said.

The final death toll could be closer to 300, Nigerian Sen. Ahmed Zanna told CNN.”

This disgusts me. Their “god” disgusts me. How weak is your god that you must prove his strength by butchering the innocent and defenseless? How weak is your god, that He latches onto whatever misery He can, and inspires His followers to do the same?

Which god is this, then?

This is NOT the god of Christianity– His word, recorded by men, was perverted by those same men. But the world acquired a better view with Jesus, and that god embodied in Jesus could not be responsible for the butchery and bloodshed of Boko Haram.

“He who lives by the sword, dies by the sword.” that god said.

Nor is this any of the gods of Asgard or Vanaheim– such pointless bloodshed is not their way. They are not against killing, but never the innocent. Never the non-hostile. There is no honor or glory in kidnapping young girls, raping and torturing them, and then selling them as slaves, nor is honor or glory to be found in invading random towns and killing for the sake of killing.

This is not the Mother Goddess, who binds all her followers with the rule and respect of and by nature. Peace is Her way, and one only fights if attacked.

This is not the god of the Jews, who just want to be left alone to follow their path themselves and don’t really care if anyone else joins their club.

This is a much spiritually weaker god, a young and petty deity. This is a god who is NOT great. This is a god, who can only grow strong by murdering those who worship his “competition”, as if such a thing truly existed. We follow the paths we are one while we’re on them– these “men” have turned from a path that offers them spiritual peace. They have chosen to follow a god of war, conquest, and death. When they finally come in opposition to the old gods, the ones who do not back down; when these “men” come into conflict with true Christians and Pagans, they will have become the thing that Mighty Thor and Archangel Michael will finally agree to stand back to back on, and Sword and Hammer will finally strike the same foe.

And we, as a pagan community, finally have something to agree with Christians unequivocably: that these monsters who prey on the weak and innocent CANNOT go unpunished.

I just wish it hadn’t required such extraordinary evil to bring about such agreement.

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