Find Me On Goodreads! (But Not On Facebook)

A little healing for the soul takes some unusual forms, and I applaud this effort and hope to recreate her success for myself. I’m fine with stuff like Instagram and Tumblr, but that’s because my experience on those is so admire-the-pretty-picture-centric that there’s no need to care about likes or shares. I’m in it mostly for the art.

But Facebook is a drudgery, Google+ is forgotten, all my tweets are auto-posts, and Tumblr and Instagram aren’t used as social tools.
Social Media has a decreasingly relevant place in my life, and I’m glad for it. This is why I say I want to delete my Facebook, this is why I’m struggling to get out. My presence there is meaningless, so why not cast off the dead weight and breathe more freely again?

Little Pieces

People have been asking why I left Facebook. Mostly all I have to say by way of explanation is “why do you think?” and they understand. People inherently know the reasons already, they know how social networking can be a bubonic tumor on a person’s life. Still, I get that they’re curious as to my specific reason. It was just an overarching amalgamation of various “oh God why am I doing this to myself?” moments that finally led me to pull the plug.

As you can imagine, life is lovelier for me these days. I know the phrase “ignorance is bliss” is usually said in tones of snarky irony, but it’s the damn truth. I am ignorant of all the menial observations, complaints, announcements, and “debates” of people I don’t really care about. I am ignorant of which random acquaintance got engaged or a promotion at work, what their dog…

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