Just a reminder…


Apparently I only get ONE reblog out of a WordPress article. But I wanted to get the word out about this, because while I love the fiscal policies of Conservatives, their religious fervor oh-so often ticks me off. I do not wage war on Jesus or other Christian concepts or beliefs. In fact, it’s just the opposite. Jesus is an awesome bloke, and an excellent role model, whether you accept him as the Son of God or not. But when I stumble over saying Merry Christmas, it’s because people accuse me and others on waging war on Christmas.

“Christmas is a CHRISTIAN holiday!”

“Well okay then”, I want to say, “Go do your Christian thing then. AWAY FROM ME.”

This isn’t because I am unwilling to share in it or respect it, but because you annoy me and I don’t want to be around you anymore, you self-centered and self-righteous prick! This isn’t persecution. This is you being unpleasant and me wishing to remove myself from that.

But you know what?

At the end of the day, I don’t care if it’s “Merry Christmas”, “Happy Holidays”, “Happy Solstice” or “Merry Yule”. It’s the season of caring and community, family and faith, and family and friends, and the bonds thereof, for BOTH of our faiths. What we call it is far more irrelevant than how we keep the spirit of it.

So let’s drop the pitchforks and pretenses of war. Let’s just sit in front of the fire, next to our Yule/Christmas tree, and be thankful for good company, warm homes, and the slightly nutty and dorky gift-wrap as we celebrate the end of one year, the birth of another, and HOLY CRAP WINTER IS HALFWAY OVER SUMMER IS COMING.

Merry Yule.

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