Starting a new Path

Are you a Christian who is ready to turn over a new leaf and live as a pagan? Well, don’t be ashamed. I was once a Methodist, myself, before coming to the path of the Lilin. Becoming an openly practicing pagan is a long road fraught with disagreements, struggles, and confusion. I still remember my awkward first steps in that direction, consorting with magic and tarot because I thought they were “pretty cool”, “rebellious” and “hip”.

I had no idea at the time that Lilith had intended these simple steps forward for a far greater purpose than my own amusement or teenage rebellions against my parents. But after using magic for a while, I began to learn more of the world beyond ours, and of the huge risks magic brought to my person, and left that behind.

The steps were small. I didn’t know what to do, and I kept falling over. But Lilith was patient and kind. “Keep trying”, she always would say “You don’t have to worry about impressing me with perfection.” She would pick me up and help me walk again, and looking back, I can see that she was treating me like Her child that I have always been, taking the time to raise me years later than she probably planned.

When I couldn’t leave the chains of Christianity behind, she showed me the Gods of Asgard, those followed by my Norse ancestors, and through them I discovered new pride, new wisdom, and new strength.

Blood is thicker than Time.

When I made a request of the Old Gods, they responded. I wasn’t their child, and yet they honored the bonds of blood that connected me to their children in the distant past. I was helped up, and taught to find my feet. Now that I don’t “need” them, they are more on the sidelines than before, but they never fail to answer when I ask of them.

This is key advice then, that I have to share. If you are unsure of a path to follow, if you don’t know what gods might have called you, then begin with the ones your ancestors were likely to have worshiped, be they the Celtic pantheon, the Nordic, or something else. Blood is thicker than Time, and even if this does not provide you the gods you will worship to the end of your days, it will provide you a valuable group of friends and teachers who can help you discover your true path and calling.

So I’m not Heathen or Asatruar. I’m not Wiccan or Vanatru. I’m not a Satanist (not a term I use with disdain either). But by beginning with the gods of my ancestors, I was able to find my feet as a pagan, get my bearings in a whirlwind world without Christianity. They helped me and supported me as I sought new strength to live by. And now that I have my path, they stepped to the side and let me walk it.

I think this practice may be helpful for everyone who wants to become Pagan, but is unsure of how or where to begin. The first steps are always awkward, but they are no less important. Why not accept help from your spiritual family in doing so?


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