Well that took long enough…

I finally have a name for my “path” as it were.


So what if it’s supposedly a name for demons in Hebrew lore? They said the same things about my goddess and she met none of those descriptors. So I embrace this name for my path wholeheartedly, as I am Her child and She leads me to tranquility, bliss, and prosperity, if not in this life then in the next.I’ve tangoed with Asatru, but it just didn’t fit straight. I still love Asgard, and the Eddas form sole the basis of my moral code. Asatru was morally a right fit, but the rituals didn’t resonate with me for long. But many thanks to Thor and Frigga for delivering me home safely as I’d passed through their skies through some majorly choppy weather!

But I know who has my utmost loyalty. I made my choice long ago.

And now I have a name for my choice.

Gods bless.

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