So, I was saying some nice things about Lilith earlier today. How she’d helped me, comforted me, etc. But in the middle of said discussion, I suddenly felt a sudden urge to sleep. Eventually, I got to a stopping point with what I was doing, enough to allow for a quick nap, and Lilith was there. She told me that she saw what I was doing and wanted me to stop. I was a bit confused, because I wasn’t aware I had done anything particular. She told me I’d been proselytizing without meaning to.

“I do not want any children I haven’t specifically called to be part of this family.”

I was embarrassed. I hadn’t meant to proselytize, and I would never intentionally do something to upset or disappoint her. Of course she knows that. It’s why she was letting me know to begin with. I apologized profusely, and after giving me the silent treatment for a choice set of moments for extra barb, she invited me to embrace her before she set me back to the waking world.

But this got me thinking. How many deities approve of the glowing proselytizing we do, knowingly or unknowingly? How many approve of our comments about other faiths? Might they disapprove? My Lady clearly doesn’t approve of even unintentional marketing, preferring to control her own pool of “candidates” by calling only the ones she desires. Maybe she’s selective about who makes it in because she’s only looking for whatever she defines as the “right” people, or she just prefers a smaller family. Not all gods are like the Christian deity, who prefers that every soul fall into his flock. Maybe we’ve all been approaching our relationships with other faiths the wrong way this whole time. If you have doubts, I don’t think you have anything to lose by asking the next time you interact with your god or gods.


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