An open door for Jesus

I’m not a Christian.

You’ve read this blog for less than five minutes and you will figure this out. I have endless spats with much of Christianity over many political and idealogical choices and turns. It’s the way things are. But there’s one key tenant of Christianity that will have my unwavering respect, and my unwavering ear, for ages to come.

Christ himself.

Maybe I don’t believe he’s the Son of God (mostly due to the WHICH ONE?! factor).

But he was a compassionate and wise man, in an era starved for men of both qualities. An era that still hasn’t ended. Ignorance and selfishness still run rampant among the human race, and the barriers that divided us then still stand today. And, whatever I may think of Christianity as a whole, it is impossible for me to dislike the man who got the ball rolling.

Or, as one of my best friends once said with snarkish tongue, “I love Jesus! I just don’t care much for his fanclub!”

I feel I have effectively closed the door to Christianity. It’s not a door I care to open again for a good long while, and my worship of Lilith and the Norse gods certainly presents another keen barrier. But Jesus is always invited over for teatime. His teachings mesh well with the Nine Noble Virtues, and Heimdall’s Sacred Laws, and in fact with many other styles and faiths.

Jesus was not a man who preached to Jews or Christians, he preached to EVERYONE. He was a man whose words, when made into an exclusive club of “YOU MUST BE A MEMBER TO BE SAVED; BUT MEMBERSHIP IS FREE!” (Yeah, you LOVE those websites, don’t you?) brought incredible ruin. But Jesus’ words were meant to apply to everyone. Persian, Roman, Greek, Egyptian, Hebrew, Indian… those boundaries weren’t his concern. He wanted to teach a better way of thinking to everyone, and improve the human condition. You can’t spread love by building walls, even portaled ones.

So what if I don’t like Christianity? I love Jesus, always have and always will, and you’ll never get me to say a cross word about the man.


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