Well that escalated quickly…

Lilith’s not a girl who wastes time.

The minute I ended my little sabbatical away from her, she was back in my dreams, with new guidance, new advice, and perhaps even cleaning out a few psychological cobwebs. And then she had me back at her feet.

If nothing else, it was shocking to see her move that quickly and effectively. After months away, she had me reigned in and ready to go in the space of a day or two of modest effort. It was sort of an air of “I’m glad you enjoyed your time away. I hope it was fun and enlightening. Let’s get back to work.” in my dreams these past two nights. She thoroughly rebuffed my hatred of Job Corps, and instead suggested that it might be more effective to redirect my efforts rather than abandon them outright (a blog entry on that OTHER PLACE is forthcoming about that subject). I picked up on her advice and made some inquiries, and it seems once again, she is more correct than I. A few hours’ work may prove which one of us is ultimately correct, but I have a feeling it’s going to be her– it usually is.

Not to begrudge her wonderful guidance, but sometimes, I just want to be the one who’s right. Just about something it’s nice to be right about.

I hate being right about horrible things. And I usually am. (Was this how Cassandra felt?)

Anyway, these next few days should prove to be interesting, no matter what the word is or who is right.

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