Letting Her off the chain

I’ve been very down lately, as friends and possibly my last entry let you know.

And so begins another chapter in my relationship with Lilith, which is often a very love-hate relationship that refuses to make up its mind on which side of the coin to land on.

I wanted to keep my distance, keep Her at arm’s length. But in times of a storm, there has never been a safer harbor.

I have a pendant of modern design and style that symbolizes my tumultuous Goddess, the chaotic and wild end of my particular Pantheon. For months, out of caution and fear of Lilith’s powerfully magnetic and gravitational draw.

But the storm is getting bad. I need a harbor, and Lilith alone stepped up to the plate.

She offered solace and comfort, a maternal embrace in which I could confer my feelings. And while that pendant had been locked away and distant, I have now decided to unlock that.

I fear I may be loosing a wild and uncontrollable beast back into my life.

But at this time of my life, it may well be worth it.


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