Looking back

It becomes apparent in hindsight how love-hate my relationship with Lilith always was. A few months of fervent devotion to the exclusion of all else, followed by a few months of loathing because I was led into forgoing everything else. There’s historically very little middle ground.

Unlike with Asgard, where I am steady and dependable. It’s not as passionate, even though certain goddesses like Freya could inspire that passion if they so chose.

It’s a more reserved devotion, much as a knight follows a commanding officer: I reserve the right to question the sanity of my instructions, and Odin even encourages it. Lilith just smothered me in affection until I stopped questioning things.

All things considered, even though Asgard doesn’t quite give me the warm and fuzzies like Lilith did, I think I will remain behind their banner instead.

As the Wisest Of All once said: “It is better to not pray than offer too much. It is better to not send than sacrifice too much. So Thund-Odinn risted before the origin of men. This he proclaimed after he came home.” ~Havamàl

I loved Lilith fiercely for much of my life, but when it began driving a wedge between me and my kin, I knew then I was offering too much. I don’t want bad blood, but I am prepared to accept it with a heavy heart if I must and no alternative exists.

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