Be Mindful of the Wolves


Last night, Lilith approached me in my dreams and asked me to reaffirm my oath. And despite having the cover of Asgard, I felt myself pulled to her, but right before I gave in, I asked a simple question: “Can you guarantee me that none of my kin will be harmed in any way if I say yes?”

Her face tightened, her posture became more rigid, and it seemed that a question stopped her dead in her tracks.

I held off on running to her. Until I have an answer, I simply cannot take that heavy risk.

After that, I woke up, hours before I was supposed to. I just sort of was pushed out of her presence.

I asked Odin and especially Freya for advice upon falling asleep again; Odin for obvious reasons, but Freya because of all the Aesir and Vanir, she is not only wise and powerful, but she is also the most similar to Lilith. I hoped that this might give her unique insight on the matter at hand.

Her answer was rather profound.

I was told to be afraid. Be very afraid of Lilith, but fear doesn’t mean to refuse all contact. Fear means to execute risk control; and so while I feared her, to walk around her with caution. I was told to never let my guard down completely, or she might use that for her own interests, sometimes just instinctively without planning on it beforehand.

At this, she showed me a wolf, and she reminded me how once you win a wolf’s respect, few animals will show greater loyalty. But first, you must win that respect, and until you do, you do not wander carelessly or recklessly near it, rather you close in, slowly and always carefully, and only as far as would be safe, until one day, it lets you scratch behind the ears.

“When the wolf bites you because you were reckless, it is more your fault than the wolf’s. It is simply acting in accordance with its nature.”

I honestly couldn’t have phrased that better.


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