Asgardian Anchors

Lilith seems to have gone off on another ‘sabbatical’, and while she is quiet, I figure I might as well evaluate the other deities I continue to value and cherish. Lilith is a figure who, while being kind and reasonable with me, is known for being quite unpredictable, dark, and rather consuming, so it helps to have an anchor or three to help balance the forces of my life, and some time ago, I found my anchors in Asgard, the deities of my ancestors.

I know I have written a similar list several months ago, and this one in no way counters the other out. This one merely lists those gods and goddesses who help anchor me at a time where, frankly my family was right and I was jumping in too blindly.

Frigga, most of all. Her wisdom in home matters has helped me hold my life together. Even when my love and adulation for Lilith creates friction with others in my life, Frigga is able to provide me with the support I need in keeping things stable. She guides my words and actions with my family, and I don’t know where I would be living or how were it not for her influence.

Freyja and Sjöfn hold an important place in my life as well. While I love and adore Lilith, the fact remains that she is safely beyond me. She doesn’t exactly have much of an interest in becoming human and settling down with a guy like me, nor would I, if our places were switched. I’d like to fantasize about being that humble, but let’s be honest. Most don’t exactly marry too far beneath their pay grade. Freyja and Sjöfn both remind me that while love for the gods is a beautiful and wonderful thing, I must never EVER forget love on Earth as well.

Odinn is not usually one I consult; often I have more use or need for Frigga’s wisdom, but lately I have been asking the Allfather himself for advice, which is certainly plentiful.

Tyr gives me the warrior’s mind. If I wanted a fighter’s mind, perhaps I would invoke Thor, but to me, Tyr represents everything a warrior, and by association, a man, should be; he is wiser than most, strong, and selfless. I am a naturally selfish person, but I’m working on that, and to me, Tyr’s heroic sacrifice of his hand, and in the future his life, make him the embodiment of selflessness.

Finally, the ever-watchful Heimdall serves as a reminder to me that I need to stay sharp and keep my eyes open. Heimdall’s watch for danger and threats never ceases or falters, and neither should mine. I watch even my own actions around Lilith, because she is definitely a turbulent figure, to say the least, and it behooves me to behave with a little more caution than I have been doing in the last week or so. Thank you for the reminder, Heimdall.

My life isn’t perfect, and sometimes I let things go too far; and that’s when I need backup.

With good friends on Earth and good friends in Asgard behind my back, I have the best backup I could ever ask for.

Gods bless.


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