On Pagan Laity

Everyone wants to be important. I get that. But I make no claims to being a priest, oracle, shaman, etc. I’m just a guy, living my life, and I’m happy to be of service to the gods. I don’t need or want a title. I’m comfortable and happy as I am.

The Wanderer's Temple


In the past couple of years I’ve seen an interesting discussion pop up in the Pagan blogosphere.  Bloggers ask, with no small amount of disappointment, “Why is there no laity in the Pagan community?”  It’s a question worth asking.  Everyone in the Pagan world wants to be a priest or a Druid or a shaman or an oracle.  No one, it seems, claims to be a Pagan layperson.

Before I go any further, I should say one thing: I am a Pagan layperson.

A lot of people would be bothered by this whole discussion.  Isn’t the whole idea of clergy and laity based on an oppressive power dynamic, one in which a person’s only access to divinity is through a mediator?  Many of us left other religions precisely for the chance to interact with divinities directly, to cut out the middleman as it were.  Thus we have a community in…

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