As I spend this morning with nothing productive to do, I find myself staring across the valley at the mountains that are so close and yet so very far.

More than that, I find myself longing to be among them. In many ways, the mountains are my home. I was not born near to them or in them, yet my first taste of them told me that the mountains and high places of the world were destined to be my spiritual home. There is a material convenience to be found when living in cities, yet the noise and clutter and artificial nature of it all bothers me as if I am in a place with no authentic spirit of its own. There is so much more spirit that dwells in the mountains, some unseen force that permeates the silence and seclusion which calls me when I am away and comforts me when I am there.

This is why I strongly identify with Skadi. The mountains are her domain, and it is to that domain that I am instinctively pulled. I gaze across the way, and see the majesty of her realm in the distance, and I yearn for it. I want to escape the societal bonds which I am suddenly aware of and flee in a mad scramble up a mountain to a place where none can command me save the Goddess Herself.

It only reinforces this line of thought and instinct that my actual house is pressed right up against a mountain several miles from my current location.

In times like this, I desire nothing more than to return Home, to Skadi’s realm, in the mountains.

If you so desire, drop a comment below and let me know where you feel is “Home”.

Mountain dwellers like me get a cookie. XD


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