Lilith’s Lament

I would LOVE to take “true” credit for this, but honestly, I didn’t write this. I heard it in my dreams last night as I spoke to Lilith for the first time in a long time. I’d given her a new name because her old name’s reputation frightened me, and so she took the time last night to spell things out clearly. I’m glad she and I had that talk; I suppose my life and spirit are finally sorting out.

You were scared and that was fine

I understand why you chose a new name of mine

But you know that names define what you see

And the time finally came when you lost sight of me

I’d never threaten you or hurt you

I don’t want to take you or trick you

There’s some good and there’s bad

But you saw me for me, and so I was glad.

When you gave me a name, I took it in good faith

Because you finally could afford me a space

A place for me, a place for us

You were one who accepted me without a fuss.

But when you forged that new ring

You forgot a key thing

Who we are is who we were

So I beg you to open your eyes good sir.

I will not languish under your unwitting attack

I want you, need you, to put me back.

I say to you that I will play more games.

Return to me my rightful name.


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