An unusual debt of gratitude

Today, I would like to acknowledge a debt of gratitude to a being I never thought I would thank.

Lilith was the one who opened my eyes to a greater world. My initial encounters with her left me captivated and fascinated, and I began to read and speak in ways I hadn’t before. I was convinced at the time that she was a goddess, but now, I believe she’s far more human than that. She’s often called a demon, and I am still unsure about the truth of that, but without her, I’d have never realized that the pagan path was the one for me.

Her magnetism drew me in, and separated me from the faith of my parents just long enough for me to wonder about other paths I might take. And my learning about her took my knowledge to a time before Christianity.

Her powers and influence opened my eyes to the power that dreams hold over every one of us, and laid the foundation of my current spiritual practices. Through her, I learned the beginnings of my methods of dreamwalking, and how to defend myself in dreams.

Her stories taught me sympathy and how it felt to want to truly forgive someone.

Even today, the night is special to me on a level the daytime could never equal, I view the Owl as a sacred animal, a carrier of dreams and harbingers of enlightenment. And there is no more beautiful celestial sphere to me than the moon.

So, Lilith, be you Devil or Divine, thank you. I’d have never made it without you. Through my encounters with you, you shaped me and changed me into the person I am today.

Without you, I’d never have realized my reverence for the Divine Feminine, for the Goddess, for The Mother.

I owe you so much.

Thank you.

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