Do any of you have any charged items? I have a few.

No, this isn’t like in Elder Scrolls where you can infuse magic into a stick to set things on fire a few times. That’s asking a bit much.

No, a charged item, at least as I have come to realise the term, is simply an item which has come to hold a piece of your energy. Sometimes I do this intentionally: I have a few pendants I focus on and involve in my dream rituals to imbue them with more positive energy. Others are non intentionally charged, simply by virtue of keeping an item close to me as it accompanies me in my daily life. To go without these particular items often feels as though I have left a piece of myself behind. I become fidgety and grope for an article or item that isn’t there, and my thoughts turn to finding what I’m missing. In short, they hold a piece of my equilibrium, and it takes a LONG time to adjust to not having it.

Anything can become a charged item, even a home. I think that’s part of why ghosts persist; they attach to a familiar energy, and as long as that energy persists, it can sustain them like a flower in nutrient rich soil.

But the most powerful charged items are the ones that not only carry energy but also your history. These items have journeyed with you for much of your life, and in addition to storing all that emotion and energy, they carry events in a certain way as well.

My most cherished item is a tiny little quartz crystal I received as a gift when I was four years old. It’s about three or four inches long, and half an inch thick. The crystal is very imperfect, with murky clouds of grey and white inside like a fog trapped in amber. It has accompanied me my whole life. It has focused my thoughts when meditating, moved with me from home to home, served as a worrystone to dissolve stress, and seen me through virtually every moment of my life since I received it. When my mother bought it for me, I knew it was magic, but now I know it wasn’t particularly magical when I got it. It became that as I kept it with me, especially since crystals conduct energy so well. It is one of the few material links to that period of my life as well, which only makes it even more significant. There was a time, just once, where I lost it, and it felt like someone had torn my heart from my chest. All that history and energy was yanked from my person, leaving me more than a little unbalanced. After I found it, I’ve never misplaced it since. One of these days, I’ll get around to making it a pendant.

There are many uses for such items, ranging from spells to simply keeping a calmer, more balanced sense of self, which is the way I use them. Also, because the energy originates from you, there’s less chance of corrupted or “dirty” energy; you will find no evil in such items unless you put it there yourself.

However, in the wrong hands, this energy can be used against you as well. Guard these energies well; it’s not for no reason that curses and hexes such as voodoo dolls require a personal possession of the intended victim to function. That energy is personal, and applies only to you: it links you to the item, and in the wrong hands, that link can be abused. Just a word of caution.

That said, the longer you hold or use something, the more charged it becomes. We all have something we’ve held onto or cherished for a very long time. Perhaps you might take a look around your own home and ponder which of your items carry a charge today?


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