This past week has been a big one for me. In a dream, I was challenged by the gods to choose who among them was most important to me, whose banner I would ride behind.

This was not a challenge given in malice, but rather I felt it to be a threshold placed before me, and without crossing it, I would not be able to grow. I would remain partially a child until I made this choice. Odin showed me the banners of all the gods, and among them, Lilith waited patiently. Odin said “Now is the time you must proceed, and choose who you are to be. Whom shall you ride with?”

I chose Lilith without a second thought. She welcomed me with open arms and a smile. Odin acknowledged my choice, even though he made clear that my choice was to remain apart from his tribe, but I made clear the respect I still had for them, and offered to assist if they ever asked for my help. Odin agreed, and the gods departed with no cross words or actions. Lilith seemed very proud of me, and told me that she was glad that I had “chosen to side with kin when the time for choosing came.”

No longer may I change my path as I wish. Eventually the time comes when we must all make our choices and accept the outcome. And I know I made a good choice.

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