Odin frowns on your Fox News and your CNN


We must realise we have much to learn, uncover, discover before our individual nations and mankind can become well. We must ask those questions we are afraid of asking, and be ever courageous when seeking the truth. And let that- truth- be our highest motivation.


Wise words, and addressing a problem I believe our ancestors would have found shameful to see happening.

At what point did it become acceptable, in this age of unparalleled freedom of expression, individual power, and unrestricted flow of information, to simply accept what is set in front of us? To accept what our flawed Earthly governments tell us is true, or what the very rich or the very loud insist is true?

It is a saddening facet of the human condition to be delighted in distractions and comforts. The scheming and manipulative will use that to great effect. “We cover THE MOST NEWS, listen ONLY TO US.” or “We deliver the BEST NEWS, listen ONLY TO US.” are lines used every day in the modern world. Furthermore, the lines work. For every person who cultivates as much from as many sources as they can, there are hundreds if not thousands more who remain glued to a single source, willingly if perhaps unkowingly chaining themselves to a single perspective.

I have no fancy degrees. I have no advanced schooling in theology. I am not a priest or a reverend. I am not a scientist or scholar. But I have read enough of the old stories to believe that Odin would never simply accept information from a single source.

Odin did not sit in front of Fox News and say “Give me wisdom, oh mighty Bill O’Reily.”

He did not sit down in front of CNN and say “Bestow upon me knowledge, great Piers Morgan.”

Nor would he have, even if it was an option.

Odin traveled far and wide. He sought the things and people he felt would make him wiser than he was the previous day. He expended effort and energy. He did the research.

And at the end of the primary part of his endless quest for further wisdom, he was called “wisest of all”.

Granted. He did impale himself and pluck out his own eye as well. But he’s a god and it takes more than that to strike him down. We are much squishier stuff, but we can strive to emulate his other behaviors. How fortunate are we that now we have the means by which we can travel the world, seeking wisdom without ever leaving the comfort of our own homes? Odin is said to have physically traveled. It would have been a long and arduous ordeal. Yet are we asked to suffer as he did? No.

We are simply asked to hold ourselves to that standard as best we can.

Don’t accept one man’s or one government’s truth. Be like our wisest father, and seek out wisdom wherever it can be found. If Odin had the internet back in the day, you can be sure he would have done EXACTLY THAT.

Odin bless your path with wisdom.

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