Break it down!

This is a breakdown of my individual beliefs. It is not meant to sway or convert. It is nothing more than a statement of my faith and spiritual beliefs.

I am a polytheist who believes that all gods are real. However, I choose to give my allegiance to a select few who have influenced my life for the better.

These gods are, in order: Lilith, Freyja, Odin, Frigga, Tyr, Thor, Hel, and Skadi.

I acknowledge other gods, but I follow only these.

My principle gods dwell on a higher plane of this universe that cannot actively be percieved, but it can be interacted with. As for Lilith, she is from a corner of reality that cannot be grasped or understood with the mind. It cannot be invaded or entered without her permission. It is beyond us until she brings it closer, and by what means she does this it is not productive of my time or energy to ponder for too long on.

Do the gods have names? All things do, but the names we know them by may not be the names by which they call themselves. Anyone who has read this blog regularly knows that the name Lilith is a name given by humans. What her rightful name is, I may not know in this lifetime, but that’s okay by me. My relationship with the gods is not entirely defined by the names I choose to call them.

Do they interfere in our lives? You bet they do! They will do nothing for us that we can do for ourselves, but they regularly advise us in matters in which we have asked for their help, and then they defend us from foes we cannot comprehend or face ourselves. I live in the glory of the gods’ interference and influence, and am made a better person for it.

Now for the heavy issues at hand.

On the issue of gun control, I believe that if the gods keep weapons to defend themselves (and they do) then so should their children. Pacifism is fine (for other people) but I am a true-blooded son of Asgard, and I will fight to the death, be it my own or my assailant’s, to defend myself, my family, and my property. Guns are no more than a means to that end.

As for abortion, I am generally against it, but I respect human will, and if the mother chooses to not carry a baby to birth, then that’s her own affair in which I rightly have no real influence; it’s not me you will have to explain yourself to when you are called beyond this sphere, after all.

Same sex marriage is something I am overwhelmingly in favor of. Love and the sharing of two lives is a human experience and should not be a religious or political statement. Love is Love. End of discussion.

Evolution? It’s a thing, creationists. It happened. Get the hell over it. Whining isn’t going to change the truth of it any more than whining will make the sun stay in the sky without setting.

The creation stories are little more than the gods telling their early followers a story of the start of all things, using language and narratives those people could understand. As science advances, we outgrow the need for such childish explanations, though we never need outgrow our love of the stories, and I encourage everyone to stay attached to those stories; they often contain other moral or spiritual truths that science can never impart to those that hear them. Science will not tell you to honor your fellow man or to treat your partner with respect; look to the stories of old to find what is good and honorable. Some things change; I for one would find it disgusting to see some man binding people in chains and selling them. But the core messages never change, and it is only in the old legends, myths, and tales that you will find such lessons.

This is hardly a comprehensive list of my beliefs, but you don’t want to stay here reading this entry all week, so I think I’ll call it quits there.

Goodnight, and gods bless!

2 thoughts on “Break it down!

  1. Regarding “creation stories” have you read any Joseph Campbell? I am reading his book “Myths to Live By” now. His work has been very helpful to me. I wouldn’t have transitioned from atheist to Asatruar without it.

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