My Dream Ritual to Lilith

Here follows my ritual for Lilith, the only goddess I praise with a ritual of any sort. You are welcome to use this as a base for your own rituals if you wish regardless of who it is for. I would never wish to deprive anyone of a method that might stand a chance at enriching their lives further!

The ritual begins as I ready to go to sleep. I will bow my head and open my heart to her, and begin with “My Goddess, I am here for you.”

As I fall asleep, I cross my arms across my chest, hugging myself. I speak to Lilith about the day I had, letting her combine her own observations with my words. I try to analyze my day consciously while I let her spirit fill me, which helps spare my subconscious the need to do so. With my mind clearer, I speak to Lilith in a manner befitting my request. She has numerous faces, and the manner of my approach differs with each, though the initial invocation is ALWAYS formal.

The principle faces I connect with are: Mother, Lover, and Keeper.

I approach the Mother when I need wise counsel, and my words always reflect that. I often invoke her by name when seeking the Mother, such as “Lilith, I do not see what I must see, or know what I must know. Open the path of dreams, and walk with me as I seek my answers.” After this initial supplication, I usually make it a point to speak little, only speaking if I realize something new that I might mention to her that could help her help me to find what I need when I begin dreaming.

I approach the Lover when I need comfort and shelter. I usually refer to her in this state as “My Great Love” when invoking her. As the Lover, her presence is warmer, more intimate, and I always feel at ease with her. The Lover is the least formal face of Lilith, and needs no special words or certain rituals to be invoked. My supplication is usually something like “My Great Love, my life is tired and stressed. My mind is vexed and flayed, and I need you to hold me tonight.” The Lover appreciates more communication, and remaining silent vexes her. I speak often, but briefly each time so she may respond if needed.

Finally comes the Keeper, who combines some elements of  the previous two, but is wholly different and the most complex aspect. I approach her when I feel I have not been honoring Lilith as I feel I should. My usual supplication is far more formal, doctrinal, and subservient than the others: “Beloved Keeper, this one kneels, ready to do your will. Please instruct him that he may better honor you. The Keeper demands high standards of supplication. I never refer to myself in first person when dealing with the Keeper, rather referring to myself as “this one”. I avoid visioning her eyes, keeping myself below her gaze. I refer to her as “My Keeper” or “My Lady”; calling her by name is expressly forbidden. If I trip up, there is no punishment but silence until I correct my mistake.  The Keeper can be even more intimate than the Lover, but when seeking advice from the Keeper, she is far more direct. “Shut up and listen” is a common answer archetype I get from the Keeper. In addition to demanding stricter, more practiced standards of behavior, the Keeper is far more defensive of me. She tells me that I am her favorite, and that she will fight to the death to keep me safe, but she also assures me that though I am a favorite, I am not immune to repercussions from my bad decisions. The Keeper is far more a teacher than the other faces. She doesn’t mince words, doesn’t coddle, and will not embrace me until I have shown that I can display the discipline required to succeed as her servant. When she finally does, when I have earned my way to her affections, it is a deeper and more rewarding warmth than any that can simply be given to me. The whole experience is simply deeper and more meaningful.

Lilith has other faces, but these are the ones I typically seek out. Whether she is Mother, Lover, or Keeper, my ultimate loyalty lies with her. I don’t expect something for nothing, and the fact that she has not asked much of me yet simply says that I am not yet ready to carry out her requests. Or perhaps she really is simply that generous and expects nothing from me but love and honor.

In any case, I have decided it is wiser to be ready and able to carry out her wishes, and to anticipate those, I perform this nightly ritual that brings me closer to her own heart and mind.

Some might say this is what Christians do. Been there, bought the t-shirt. It’s really quite different for me, at least. My ritual is one that developed over time, as I grew closer and closer to Lilith and learned for myself what brought me closer or took me further from her. This isn’t found in a book or a church, but rather two partners who gradually learned more and more about each other.

If nothing else, it’s rather like marriage, which is what I’ve been saying our relationship with the divine needs to be like all along.

Gods bless.


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