Frigga, I’m sorry for my species.

Black Friday is over. Thank the gods.

Now I must brace myself for all that comes after. Black Friday is merely the first volley of the holiday rush; my least favorite time of year, when well meaning souls of all creeds and religions speak worthy messages about sharing what we have and working for the betterment of mankind, only to watch in horror as this message is taken from their mouths and perverted into something truly dreadful by various commercial enterprises.

But that’s what commercialism does. The success of the system is predicated on us continuing to want things. And we do. We want SO MUCH. We want it all, and we want it now.

It is dread fate that Black Friday serves as a materialistic corruption of Frigga’s Day. My dearest Allmother is many things, but she is NOT greedy. She is NOT materialistic. She’s beyond that. She is elegant, refined, poised, and wise. Occasionally, she might spoil herself with something nice. I wouldn’t begrudge that of the Queen of Kings. But look at how often she does it: rarely, if ever, is such behavior documented in the eddas. Frigga might nab herself something nice for herself on occasion, but she doesn’t make a big deal about it, and it’s never a focus of her bahavior. Compare that with us.

Indeed. So cultured. So civil. So… embarrassing.

Oh Frigga, where did we go so horribly, horribly wrong? When did your day become an example of everything wrong with how materialism has poisoned our cultural soul? It’s enough to make any mother weep, seeing that many adults reduced to screaming children shouting an endless chorus of “GIMME! GIMME! GIMME!”

This isn’t how we share. This is how humans trample everything in their path. This is a fruit of the same plant that destroyed mighty cultures like Alexander’s Empire, or Rome. We want more. We are trained to NEED more. QUICK! BUY SOMETHING NEW! SOMEONE ELSE’S WALLET DEPENDS ON IT!

You can’t take it with you. Sorry. You really can’t. Why camp in front of stores, trample your fellows, and empty your wallet NOW? Why not wait? Cool down! Take a deep breath. Don’t lose yourself. Frigga has taught me patience. Patience is not apathy.

“But they’ll be out of stock if I wait!”

It’ll be in stock again. Maybe not here, maybe not before Christmas/Yule. But it will be back. You can afford to wait.

Don’t sell your soul to buy trinkets. What else can you do with that time, energy, and money? The Holiday Rush is an exciting time, but it has nasty teeth too. Do not get bitten, or it will never let go. When we give vice a foothold, it will toss us around like a rag doll. Humans are not so enlightened as we like to believe; we’re a long way from being at the level of the Gods, and we must bear this in mind.

I would like to share a simple guide with you for my closing comment, one that helps me keep my words and actions in line.

1: Does this action bring me closer or further from the divines?

2: Does this action honor or embarrass my ancestors?

3: Will this action honor or embarrass my descendents?


If the answer to all three is the first choice, then you can be certain as one can be that you are doing good in the world.

Good night, and gods bless.


2 thoughts on “Frigga, I’m sorry for my species.

  1. the “wants” have become the “needs”, an the “need” have turn reckless and overrated, we need to come clear and follow the true us, the one how reach for happyness insted of lusciousness.

    Great writing… how can i keep track of your written word?

    May the gods be with you.

    • There’s a follow button on my blog’s sidebar.

      And I absolutely agree. Corporate imperialism has created materialist zealotry, and I believe it is tearing our country down, soul by soul.

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