Hail Frigga, full of Grace!

I imagine there’s a Catholic somewhere reading this title and imagining a sword in my head about now.

“How dare you! How dare you defile my religion’s noble prayer!”

My first response would be “Pot calling the kettle black, much?”, but that’s an oft repeated sentiment. You get it a lot from me and pretty much every heathen on the planet. Christians are tired of hearing it, and I’m bored with it for the moment anyway.

Anyway, this is going to be a shorter entry than my usual.

Let’s talk about Frigga. She’s beautiful, wise, and caring. As Odin stands as a father-figure to the universe, so Frigga stands as a mother-figure to the universe. She and Freyja share many similarities, and my personal perspective is that they are two markedly independent faces of the same divine force, each focusing on different aspects: while Freyja is wild and energetic, Frigga is restrained, patient, and reasoned. The Allmother is as effective a leader as her husband, and is the only other who may sit on his throne. Where Odin however is wise in politics and war, Frigga’s wisdom extends more to matters of heart and home. She runs a tidy ship in all things, no question; such can only be expected of any woman strong enough to win Odin’s hand in marriage, but it is in matters of relationships and emotion that Frigga should be called on.

Example: I am having a right rough time of it in my classes. Every time my teacher opens her mouth, I like her less. The assignments are dull repeats of everything I did in High School and I am learning nothing new and am about ready to explode. Who should I appeal to?

Well, I might ask Thor for strength, but he doesn’t exactly have the best track-record for anger management. I might ask Odin for wisdom, but he would tell me exactly what I already know: that the capabilities to overcome these challenges is already mine. It is not the outward challenges I have trouble with; it is my inward ones. Swirling frustration inside me might give way to anger or worse if left unattended: I know this all too well. So I asked Frigga for heart. I knew that she had the answers I so desperately needed, and in this time and place, I could not forget her.

Frigga touched me in that moment and told me to slow down. To take a deep breath and look at the looming tasks before me. I did so and they were not as monstrous as they initially seemed.

“See?” she told me, “That’s not so bad, is it? Stop looking at it all at once –that can only lead to panic and panic is not a wise guide. Pace yourself. Do it all, but do it one thing at a time, and you see that you will make progress.”

Truthfully, I knew that already, but I needed her to remind me of what I knew in my head. I took her advice to my heart, and 30 minutes later, I’d completed a required powerpoint that I needed to present in 3 weeks.

Frigga is a mother, and knows all about the virtues of patience. I’ll cover her more later on, but for now, consider that lesson. Our world is rushed and fast-paced. Be like Frigga, and don’t get caught in the rapids.

Gods bless.


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