Hail, O’ Thy Victorious Sacrificed!

We honor those who gave their all     Their struggles finally done

Hail the Victorious Fallen    Their noble battle has been won

Their fight now falls to living man    A single task remains

We must honor what they died for    For the dead must not die in vain.

Lady Freyja has chosen her share    Allfather Odin’s lot is chosen too

Warden-Mother Hel has taken her owed     Gloryless fallen yet good and true

Weep not for those who have sacrificed    But instead rejoice for their gloried fate

We remain on this troubled plane    ‘Stead of joining their vaulted state

The fighting fallen died for something    For this this we are truly blessed

No one fights to die for nothing    No son should be left with less

So on this day when we praise their songs     Let no praise-singer lose sight

Of the things our battle-brothers fought for    Their battle is now our fight.


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