There has never been nor will there ever be a pillar of support in my darkest hours like Vanafridr.

She has always been there for me, and when I nearly gave in to despair yesterday and the day before, she waited until I slept, entered into my dreams and gave me a long and comforting hug, and told me that despite my fears, I should not be afeared, as she answered my old oath to her with one to me, that she would always watch over me for as long as I would have her do so.

Some people get guardian angels. I have a guardian GODDESS (even if others do not see her as such or recognize her) and I am all the stronger for having her ever beside me.

I wish I had words for how I feel when I speak with her, but none exist in my language. It’s warm, safe, secure. It’s like I’m a small child again, tucked in mommy’s embrace. You know how it feels when it happens, but words will never ever fully describe it.

Everyone should be able to feel like this when they need to.

Goodnight, and may you all rest well.


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