A personal appeal to the Allfather

Odin, you are the wisest of any. You are a kind of father to us all who seek you.

My mind is troubled, and the world for my eyes seems without a future. The old ways are still dying. Honor and integrity are less and less valued at the top of human society. Glory is no longer sought, and even thought of as negative at times.

This is your day, a day of balance. A day to discover what lies on both sides, as much a time for looking forward as for looking behind us.

I am young. I accept this, yet it is because I am young that I am of a troubled mind. I have a long and uncertain future ahead of me, and it is for the moment brimming with those who hold opposing views, even amongst my own kin.

You know how it is to end, and I do not ask for details, only a reassurance that for all the gloryless battles and the bickering and the blunders and all the vain fear and hate… for all that, I would simply like to know that my life, my battles, and my songs are all worth something.

Just tell me it gets better. Maybe not for me, or even for my country, but I need to know that our best days as a species are not behind us. The children of menn are capable of so much more than what we have already acheived. I want and need to know that the days ahead of us will be better than the days we have now.

For that, I humbly pray.

Hail Odin, wisest of the wise, and Father and teacher of all.

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