United we stand, divided we fall!

So it seems Obama has won. I count this as a grave day for all America. The death of honor. The death of self-sufficiency. The death of noble men who do right because it is right rather than because a man on a hill told them to, and more.

I cursed America this night.

I will speak no more of curses or corruption out of respect for friends and kin who may be otherwise repelled by my opinions.

I know that I feel exceedingly strongly about much, and this often has led to hasty words, but even rationally looking back, I cannot convince myself that I cursed in error.

But even if we argue over lords and princes, let us not forget that we share bonds that go far beyond flags and petty politics. We are kindred of a noble spiritual ancestry, and we cannot afford to fight amongst ourselves. If we are so easily divided, then when the time comes, we shall be easily conquered as well.

Hail Asgard, that ancient and noble house, and all that dwell therin. Hail our noble Allfather, and the lessons he and the gods have long struggled to teach our childish race.

The time will soon come when our loyalties as kinsmen are truly¬† tested. I believe a fire is coming that the world must face together. I care none for this prince America has twice chosen, and I despise his weakness as a leader who would lay claim to glory. There is no glory so far. The glory of vengeance against Osama bin Laden belonged to the men who killed him, not to the man who ordered the shot. The glory of those who work tirelessly to save the innocent of my country from Thor’s raging storm belongs to them alone, not to the man who swoops in to hug babies and win votes while they work at saving lives that truly have something to offer.

I care not for my prince, and I shall be glad to see him go when the time comes.

But our squabbles over leaders are transient incidents. The world is fast changing, and we must rise to meet these changes, and we must do it together. Not as a people divided. Not as tribes who bicker and fight. We will only triumph if we meet this fire as who we were always meant to be: the race of Menn, stalwart allies of Asgard. Nations and governments will come and go as they always have. But Asgard, our shining light and inspiration, will endure all such mortal thresholds as it has always done. It will shine on, a beacon of what we should ever aspire to be. With Asgard on our side, we can survive it all. Who will keep the memory of honor in Midgard if not us? Who will sing songs of glory if not us? If we allow ourselves to be divided, can we do any of that and expect it to mean anything?

The gods do not wish us to fight amongst our own, and so I sheathe my sword this night, and ask you all to do the same.

Shoulder to shoulder and back to back we stand, and let nothing come between us!


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