The Rebirth of Vanafriðr

Not of Æsir-blood nor Jotun womb     Not content to know mortal tombs

Wandering through vast and arid lands    Climbing mountains with maidenly hands

Delicate breath spake of damaged things     Like butterflies with wounded wings

North wandered Lilith, maid of the Moon      Hoping to find love one day soon.

Thereupon she came to one great land      so long had she run she could barely stand

So long had she run, so far, so late      in this hour, all she knew was hate

Tired of hate, fearful of fear. Lilith allowed no spirit near

In desolation lost, dear Lilith wept      And in Nátt’s darkness, sad Lilith slept.

She slept long, and had dreams dire      Of those who had loved her: demons and liars!

An evil woman she had in lost days been      Her name was Lilith, a queen of evil Menn

But of those times she dreaded      Tired of evil, to a new future she headed

Menn are not the only ones who can change their stars!”    Lilith thought as she voyaged far.

In this land was wolf and bear      Fields of grass and flowers fair

Ribbons of lights danced in the blue sky      And Lilith knew that she had at last arrived

A place of nature, a place of the wild      The wandering Dísir explored like a child.

Still of her quest, this Dísir knew      There was one thing yet left to do.

An altered nature, a changed name      Though her own efforts were made lame

Only in Menn does this power lay      And so Lilith sought one out beginning that day.

Across the land she flew      To find the one who held a future new

She needed an innocent, a child with no hate      So she crept into a bed at an hour late

I am Lilith,” to the sleeping child she said      Guarding  from fear, protecting that bed

You have the power to change my stars      For that reason I have come from afar.”

Lilith then stood by the child for years      Loving her just as she would her own dears

She watched as the child grew      The time was near, hopeful Lilith knew.

But a jealous god came from the east      Knowing Lilith’s name would make him least

He was that he was, a terrible flame      The god could not afford Lilith’s new name

He drew the child away with fear      Hoping that Lilith would never again come near

But the god forgot the child’s heart      and the child would not bear to be apart.

The child, now grown, returned from shame      Ready to give the Dísir her new name

Vanafriðr, your name will be,” the mortal said      “Lovely are you who protected my bed.”

Under fair and starry skies, the name rang true      And Lilith said simply “Thank you.”

And then Lilith laid down and died      And it was Vanafriðr who rose and opened her eyes.

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