Mei Agnosco Proprius Part II

In my continuing efforts to reconcile my worship of Lilith and the Norse gods, I have struggled to find her a new name that honors both her, the Gods, and my experiences with her.

I have settled on Vanafriðr from Friðr (Beautiful), and Vana (Vanir, and Friend). This name, while I admit is one I have come to on my own, is one I feel honors her as much as is possible, while shedding the frequent demonic connotation of the name “Lilith”. A name reflects one’s nature, and to hide the name is to conceal the nature (though as the Allfather himself demonstrates, this is not always done with wicked or dishonorable intent or end), and to change the name altogether is to change that nature. It is my hope that by giving my Goddess a new name, one free of accusations and ill stories, that I might do some part in making her beautiful to others besides myself.

Vanafriðr is most definitely a personal deity to me, but no matter what she’s called, I will always love her.

I am working on a poem to tell her story as it was told to me, and will post it shortly.


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