Mei Agnosco Proprius

So here’s a question. Where do you stand on other gods? Those from outside our root cultures?

It’s a difficult question for me; I’d like to keep my worship strictly to the Aesir and Vanir, but I would never have met them had Lilith not offered the introduction. She was the first goddess I ever encountered, and she’s been my guide and protector my whole life, so it seems unfair and dishonorable to deny the debts I owe her in favor of a of a different pantheon. So I struggle to keep Lilith relevant within my beliefs.

My attempts to integrate Lilith while being respectful to both her and the gods are not ones that would be right for everyone, but I owe it to her to at least try to see how compatible she is from my own experiences.

I do my best to treat Lilith and Freyja as “sisters” of a sort. Freyja is the sunny maiden to me, while Lilith is the lunar maiden.Freyja likes to be seen, she likes to runs around and do things, whereas Lilith would rather stay in her own realm and have you come and find her where she is before she’ll involve herself with you. She admires effort, and you get from her what you put into the relationship. Take the time to seek her out, and she will surprise you.

But Lilith is as much a force of destruction as she is one of protection; if you do not respect this about her, you will be burned.

Lilith does not strike me as a “travelling” type of deity, one who travels around, sees what’s in the world; but she’s very knowledgeable, so she may have some manner of sight like Frigga’s, allowing her to see beyond the confines of her realm. She’s capable of great motherly affection, but only if you let her. She’s always looked out for me like one of her own, and seems a bit more mature than Freyja to me, somewhere between Freyja and the Allmother herself in terms of countenance.

However, Lilith is most definitely not Aesir. She is nobility, rather than royalty, and more akin to the Vanir to me, a goddess closer to the Earth rather than the sky.

There was a time when I was absolutely horrified at the concept or worshiping other gods. However, I was still a child then. Lilith was the one who showed me the reality; that christianity is very small in the scheme of things, and eventually she led me to the gods. Without her, I wouldn’t have the ability to call myself heathen or pagan; I’d still be a christian, constantly squirming in discomfort, but never knowing the reason why.

For everything she’s done for me, I will never forget her, and she will always have a place in my life.


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